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Meet Keith

Meet Keith

Real Estate Advisor

For more than three decades, Keith Frazier has delivered an elite level of service and real estate expertise for sellers, buyers, landlords, and renters. He's mastered the art of impeccable Listening, making a resounding success for all those on their real estate journey. Keith is a closer who gets deals done no matter the challenges or obstacles, both personable and professional.

Christina B.
Sari S.
Kiola G.
Liz D.
Monica T.
Renee B.
What Keith's clients say

My fiancé and I were desperate to find a new place to live. Our previous apartment turned out to be a 9 1/2 month nightmare with a tenant above us who kept us up all night, every night. We finally were given permission by management to break our lease, so we started apartment hunting immediately. After checking out a few apartments from listings on various sights over a 3 week period, my fiancé found a l...

— Christina B.

What Keith's clients say

I had been looking for an apartment for weeks! In New York, it is very hard to trust the apartment posts you see because a lot of the time the pictures look nothing like the actual unit. I really liked this one post-Keith had; the apartment looked lovely. I contacted Keith and he responded in minutes. It was a bit challenging to set up a time to go see the unit, due to my work schedule, but Keith told me...

— Sari S.

What Keith's clients say

My husband and I began our apartment search on our own about three months ago. We were looking for a place that exceeded our high expectations. We reached out to Keith about an apartment in our area that was a great price for the space. He agreed to show us that place and also sent us another apartment, referring to it as "the truth." Needless to say, we had to at least see it! We liked the 1st apartment...

— Kiola G.

What Keith's clients say

Even though we ended up going through a different broker for our apartment, Keith was super responsive and helpful with the search process. He listened to our needs and suggested a beautiful building that was just a little bit out of our price range. He then proceeded to waive his fee and negotiate the rent down with the landlord for us. I really appreciated how hard he was "rooting" for us to get the ap...

— Liz D.

What Keith's clients say

Keith is fantastic. This was my first time purchasing property and I started working with another Realtor® who was completely wasting my time and moving like a snail. Meanwhile, my lease was ending and I needed to get an accepted offer Asap. When I tell you Keith found me the perfect spot and secured it for me in 24 hours, even though there was a pending offer the man is good. He also was very responsive...

— Monica T.

What Keith's clients say

I use Yelp to mainly read reviews but once in a while, I have an incredible experience that leads me to write a review. My significant other and I were looking for apartments in Brooklyn. Most of the places were ok but not originally what we said we'd like in a new home. One day we met up with Keith to check out an apartment, and for the first time, someone asked us what we really wanted. Keith showed us...

— Renee B.

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Keith launched his professional life at American Express, then Service Master, refining his superb client and employee management skills. He quickly pivoted to real estate, using his considerable talents and abundant tenacity to close transactions in underserved neighborhoods. With an exhaustive understanding of New York City real estate, Keith is a highly sought-after Compass residential real estate expert, with thousands of transactions and an overflowing collection of joyful relationships and clientele to his credit.